Fans of freestyle wrestling can see the main team trophy at the Elley Bootur Sports Palace.

On March 12, the World Cup in freestyle wrestling was delivered to the Museum of Sports of Yakutia, where it will be exhibited to visitors. The Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of Yakutia, Innokentiy Grigoriev, noted that every lover of wrestling will have the opportunity to watch the trophy in the museum’s exposition:

“The World Cup in freestyle wrestling, which Yakutsk takes, is a truly historic event for our republic. Eight of the strongest teams in the world are already on their way to our capital, and today the athletes of the Mongolian national team have come first to the competitions. We are also waiting for the team from Japan today. But still, I hope that this Cup will be awarded on March 17 to the Russian national team. "

In a solemn atmosphere, the Cup was handed over to the Director of the Museum of Sports of Yakutia Valery Kochnev.

The trophy itself is made of pure silver and weighs about 20 kg. You can visit the museum on the first floor of the school "Elley Bootur" during working hours from 10:00 to 17:00 h.