March 13 at the Yakutsk Airport named after Platon Oiunsky in transit through Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk from Tokyo arrived the participants of the upcoming World Cup in freestyle wrestling - the Japanese national team. The sports delegation from the Land of the Rising Sun, according to tradition, was greeted with bread, salt and the Yakut national drink koumiss.

The head coach of the Japanese team Inoue Kenji said that the team flew to Yakutsk with 22 people, and 12 of them are wrestlers. The head of the team is Akaishi Kosei, there are two coaches, two judges, a doctor, a massage therapist and a UWW photographer on the list. Mrs. Tatyana Koga, Secretary of the Japanese Wrestling Federation, also flew to Yakutsk. Well, on March 14, after the delegation, honored guests of the World Cup, Olympic champions from Japan Yuji Takada and Hidayaki Tomiyama will arrive in Yakutsk.

At the same time, coach Inoue Kenji regretted that one of the leaders of the team, the current world champion of 2018 Takuto Otoguro, could not take part in the World Cup due to health reasons. The athlete had to fight in the weight category up to 65 kg.

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“Takuto Otoguro fell ill before going to Yakutsk, so we decided to leave him at home. We didn’t risk his health, coach Kenji said. - Nevertheless, we will try to perform successfully on the carpet of the World Cup. Our task is to enter the top three. ”

Among the main rivals in the upcoming tournament, a specialist from Japan singled out the Russian team:

“The Russian team is a favorite of the World Cup. They will fight in the rank of the owners of the carpet, and this is of paramount importance, ”said the coach.

In the absence of Takuto Otoguuro, the leader of the Japanese national team can rightly be called another world champion, but already in the weight category up to 57 kg Yuuki Takahashi:

“I am in Yakutia for the first time. My first impressions? It's very cold here ... (smiles). Last year, at the World Cup held in the United States, our team took third place. This year we will try not only to consolidate our success, but we must also improve that result. Do I know who I will have to fight in a tournament? Yes I know. For example, Aryaan Tyutrin from Russia. Yakut wrestlers came to joint training sessions with us in Japan. We fought several times, he is good technical wrestler and good person. I wish success to all teams and wrestlers, ”said Takahashi.

Recall the first of the participants of the World Cup in the capital of the Republic of Sakha, the national Mongolian team arrived on March 12. Following the delegations of Mongolia and Japan, the national teams of the USA, Georgia and Russia should fly to the Yakutsk on March 14th by morning flights. And on March 15 we expect the arrival of wrestlers from Cuba, Turkey and Iran.

Note that the World Cup in freestyle wrestling among men in Yakutsk starts from March 16 to March 17. The initiator of holding large-scale competitions in Yakutsk was the head of the republic, President of the Wrestling Federation of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Aisen Nikolaev.