Russia – Cuba 9:1

It is noteworthy that the first victory of the host team was won by the representative the Yakut wrestling school, three-time winner of the Russian championships Aryaan Tyutrin (up to 57 kg). He beat Reiner Andre Ortega 8-3.

The current world champion in the category up to 61 kg Yowlis Bonnet Rodriguez equalizes the score, having won Zelimkhan Abakarov in an equal fight - 5: 5.

David Bayev (up to 70 kg), silver medal winner of the U-23 World Championships, finishes the fight against Franklin Maren Castillo with a technical victory ahead of schedule. 2018 world champion Zaurbek Sidakov (up to 70 kg) wins the fastest victory of the World Cup start round - in 43 seconds he pins Cuban Geandri Garzon Caballero down.

The sharpest fight in the confrontation between the teams of Russia and Cuba was a fight in weight up to 92 kg - Magomed Kurbanov Vs Lazaro Daniel Hernandez Luis. 9-7 in favor of the Russian wrestler. The champion and two-time medalist of the European Championships, Vladislav Baitsayev (up to 97 kg), with a 4: 0 score, was able to beat the world championship medalist Reineris Salas Perez. Heavyweight Zelimkhan Hizriev prematurely beat the two-time winner of the world championships in the classic wrestling Oscar Pino Hinds, 10: 0.

Up to 57 kg. Aryaan Tyutrin - Reiner Andre Ortega - 8: 3

Up to 61 kg. Zelimkhan Abakarov - Yovlis Bonnet Rodriguez - 5: 5.

To 65 kg. Gadzhimurad Rashidov - no fighter

Up to 70 kg. David Bayev - Franklin Maren Castillo - 10: 0

Up to 74 kg. Zaurbek Sidakov - Geandri Garzon Caballero. Win by pinfall

Up to 79 kg. Husey Suyunchev - Rayneri Pérez Abreu - 12: 1

Up to 86 kg. Dauren Kurugliev - Yurieski Torreblanca - 4: 0

Up to 92 kg. Magomed Kurbanov - Lazaro Daniel Hernandez Luis - 9: 7

Up to 97 kg. Vladislav Baitsayev - Raineris Salas Perez - 4: 0

Up to 125 kg. Zelimkhan Hizriev - Oscar Pino Hinds - 10: 0