The USA and Iran national teams, having won the teams of Georgia and Mongolia in the starting round of the World Cup, met in the central match of the first day of the tournament in group B.

Both teams showed high team spirit and skill. Here, experience and a much larger track record of one of the most high-awarded wrestlers of the tournament, Iranian Komeil Gasemi, came to the fore. American Kevin Hudson did his best in this fight, but the two-time Olympic medalist still tipped the balance in favor of his team 6-2.

Group B

USA – Iran, 5-5

Up to 57 kg. Zack Sanders (USA) - Alireza Sarlak (Iran) - 3: 4

Up to 61 kg. Nicholas Daniel Megaloudis (USA) - Iman Mokhtar Sadeghikukandeh (Iran) - 12: 0

Up to 65 kg. Zane Allen Rutherford (USA) - Morteza Hassanali Giassi Cheka (Iran) - 6: 1

Up to 70 kg. Jason Chamberlain (USA) - Maysam Nasiri (Iran) - 0: 3

Up to 86 kg, Samuel Brooks (USA) - Mersad Margzari (Iran) – Margzari, pinfall

Up to 92 kg. Hayden Zillmer (USA) - Mohamatjavad Ebrahimizivil (Iran) - 5: 4

Up to 97 kg. Kevin Hudson (USA) - Alireza Gudarzi (Iran) - 0: 4

Up to 125 kg. Tony Nelson (USA) - Comeil Ghasemi (Iran) - 2: 6