In 2018, American wrestlers for the first time since 2003 won the World Cup in freestyle wrestling.

The US team is the current holder of the World Cup in freestyle wrestling. Pupils of one of the strongest wrestling powers won the tournament, which was held April 7-8 in Iowa City. The star team, which managed to win the team standings of the World Wrestling Championships in 2017, confirmed its class in the final by defeating the national team of Azerbaijan with a score of 6-4.

In the fight for the bronze, the Japanese team excelled. In the match against Cuba, the Japanese wrestlers won with a score of 6-4 and won the KM-2018 bronze in freestyle wrestling.

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Participation in the tournament did not take teams of Russia and Iran. Russians have not been given visas to travel to the USA. Difficulties with getting to the World Cup also arose among the Iranians. According to the regulations, the eight strongest teams in the world were supposed to take part in the tournament. The Americans won the World Cup for the first time since 2003.

This year, the Russian national team, which triumphantly won in the overall medal standings of the World Freestyle Wrestling Championships in Budapest, has serious chances for success. Freestyle wrestlers won four gold, silver and two bronze. World champions became Zaur Uguyev (up to 57 kg), Zaurbek Sidakov (up to 75 kg), Magomedrasul Gazimagomedov (up to 70 kg) and Abdulrashid Sadulayev (up to 97 kg). Silver won Gadzhimurad Rashidov (up to 61 kg), bronze - Ahmed Chakaev (up to 65 kg) and Ahmed Gadzhimagomedov (up to 79 kg). The Russian freestyle wrestling team showed the best result since 2014, when four gold were also won.

Freestyle wrestling. World Cup

2018, April 7-8. Iowa City (USA)

  1. United States
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Japan
  4. Cuba
  5. Georgia
  6. Mongolia
  7. Kazakhstan
  8. India.