On February 23, Aisen Nikolayev monitored the progress of preparation for World Cup 2019 in Triumph sports training center. The head of the republic examined all the locations where competitions, medical control and rehabilitation of athletes will take place. Participation in the Cup was confirmed by the 8 best teams in the world - Russia, USA, Georgia, Cuba, Japan, Turkey, Mongolia and Iran. The program is coordinated with the United Wrestling World (UWW). The Cup starts in the Republic on March 16.

Today, the Triumph sports training center has completed the main scope of work on the preparation of events: the necessary repairs have been completed before the beginning of March, interaction is underway to eliminate the comments of control structures, transport route schemes have been approved, and the training process of World Cup participants has been scheduled. Hotel rooms in the nearest city center hotels. The menu for guests and participants is designed taking into account the traditions of each country participating in the Cup.

In the same style, in accordance with the brand book, competitions, training zones, accreditation zones and meetings of guests and participants will be held. At this time, about 100 volunteers involved in the World Cup are being instructed and trained. During a detour of the premises, Aisen Nikolaev draws the attention of the participants to security issues, in particular, in order to avoid crowds of viewers in the search area, it is necessary to think over the scheme of a three-point pass to the complex. In addition, preparation for competitions, recovery after heavy physical exertion, psychological support.

Considering that the organizers predict a high attendance of events, for the convenience of viewing, additional light screens will be installed on the side sectors in the hall. During the World Cup, I will be able to join a large sporting event, in which they will participate in promotions in three major central shopping capitals, where wrestling platforms will be installed.

At the meeting, which was held after the inspection of the complex, organizational issues, cultural and excursion programs, safety issues during large-scale events were discussed in detail.

We have received a great honor - to hold a world-class event in our republic. These are the great expectations and hopes associated with this event that will be met. World Cup in freestyle wrestling. I am sure that we had the best world cup in history, said Aisen Nikolayev during use.

Before the start of World Cup had only 20 days and 18 days before the start of the performance of guests and participants.