The history of the World Cup in freestyle wrestling dates back to 1973. The best teams in the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich were invited to participate in the new competition. So, on May 19-20, four teams competed in Toledo - USA, USSR, Japan and Canada. The first winner of the World Cup was the USSR national team. Subsequent places were taken by teams from the USA, Japan and Canada. Since then, the World Cup is held annually.

In the American city of Toledo, competitions were held as many as 17 times (from 1973 to 1991). During this period, the freestyle wrestling World Cup left Toledo twice. The second World Cup in 1974 was held in the Canary Islands in the city of Las Palmas (Spain). And in 1987, the World Cup was held in the capital of Mongolia - Ulan Bator. Until 1991, only two teams became World Cup winners. These are the teams of the USSR and the USA. The USSR national team won the World Cup from 1973 to 1979, setting a record for the winning series. The Soviet team repeated this record in the 80s (1983-1989).

The USSR national team has the best performance and the total number of victories in the World Cup. The USSR won the World Cup 15 times. The US team holds the lead in the total number of prizes and won the World Cup 14 times. Also 14 times ranked second place and 7 times ranked third place. National teams of Iran (8 times), Russia (6), Azerbaijan (1) and Cuba (1) still became the World Cup winners. From 1973 to 2018, 46 World Cups were held in eight countries.


Thirty times the World Cup was held in different US cities. Only nine US cities held the World Cup in freestyle wrestling - Toledo (17 times), Los Angeles (3 times), Chattanooga, Stillwater and Spokane (twice), Fairfax, Baltimore, Boise and Iowa City (only once). Five times the World Cup was held in Iran and Russia. In all the years, 28 teams participated in the World Cup in freestyle wrestling. But it was not always the national teams of the countries. So in the World Cup from 1979 to 1985, the African national team participated. In the World Cup in 2003, which was held in the city of Boise (USA), took part the national teams from the USA, Russia, Ukraine and Germany.

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The fifth team to participate in the tournament was to be Cuba. But due to certain problems, the team of this country did not come to the competition. A world team was formed, made up of fighters from the USA, Russia and Germany, which ultimately took second place. And in the World Cup 2011 held in Makhachkala (Russia), took part the combined team of Hungary and Kazakhstan, which took the 7th place out of 10 participating teams. The current World Cup will take Yakutsk. Date - March 16-17.